Stargazer Lilies

When no ordinary flower will do, sending Stargazer Lilies is a wonderful way to bring brightness and beauty to someone near and dear. Also known as the Lilium Stargazer, these stunning blooms are a hybrid of the Asiatic Lily that open up to showcase dazzling colors, a wide petal span and an unforgettably fragrant smell. Anyone who wants to skip past ordinary bouquets and deliver something with class, sophistication and elegance can do no better than a gorgeous vase full of Stargazer Lilies.

Stargazer Lilies are a recent creation in the world of floral beauty, and they were first introduced in 1974. Leslie Woodriff, a breeder of lilies in California, decided to create a hybrid that combined the stunning nature of the Asiatic Lily with large flowers that bloomed upward, as if they were gazing up at the stars in the night sky. That, of course, is the exceptionally romantic origin of the flower's name.


Stargazer Lilies are a Romantic Gesture

Stargazer Lilies, which are also available as plants, are almost always found in the classic white and pink lily variation. Sweet, charming and magnificent, this feminine color combination is a hit on Valentine's Day, anniversaries and any occasion where romance is in the air. These delightful lilies also come in a variety called the Golden Stargazer, which boasts sunshine yellow petals with an orange and red speckled interior. Yellow lilies, like the Golden Stargazer, are a sweet expression of friendship when companions want to express heartfelt care and affection. White lilies, called Snow Princess, provide a striking contrast thanks to pure white petals and a charming green center.

While Stargazer Lilies can be an unforgettable gift for a special person, they are certainly not the only type of lily that delivers beauty, a sweet perfume and elegance. Calla Lilies, for example, look sweet and shy, their petals not quite opening up all the way for a coy display of color. Asiatic or Oriental lilies have the same overall shape as the Stargazer, but they have a more subdued inner color and less vibrant pollen in the center of the bloom.

Iconic Elegance

Exotic and vibrant, Stargazer Lilies are impossible not to admire. Icons of elegance in the floral industry, they are a gem that can add instant sophistication, color and beauty to any bouquet, vase full of greenery or basket arrangement. Just as suitable for Mother's Day as they are for a birthday, there is no wrong way to gift the absolutely breathtaking Stargazer Lily.

£40 £40
Sunny roses are a simple and quaint way to show affection, but the elegance of a bouquet increases significantly when the buds are paired with pastel lilies, spray blooms and sprigs of greenery. This pastoral arrangement is a classic combination of pinks and yellows that delivers smiles and joy. Measures...
£60 £60
To signify the changing climate and greenery, gift this bouquet that combines the most beautiful flowers of the season into one sweet array. Cream roses and bold pink lilies blossom among a display of colored leaves that bring to mind cool days, harvest celebrations and a true friendship. Measures 14"H...
£40 £40
Any mom, daughter, wife, aunt or dear friend will love being spoiled with this feminine bouquet bursting with pink and white florals. Roses, daisies, waxflower and even exquisite stargazer lilies make this arrangement far from ordinary, and the pink, shimmering vase acts as a keepsake for the future. Measures 15"H...
£50 £50
Whether for a mother, an aunt, a neighbor, a sister or just a dear friend, this elegant and feminine arrangement bursting with blooms in red, white and pink is the perfect way to show how much you care. A dazzling combination of roses, lilies and daisies, this bouquet is sweet...
£40 £40
Bursting with both roses and lilies, this stunning floral array is a sweet way to show affection, love and gratitude to that special person in your life. Pink petals in varying shades will look truly charming whether in a glass vase or simply wrapped up with a rustic piece of...
£50 £50
Spanning the entire range of color from deep red to bright fuchsia, soft roses uncurl and expand their petals to kiss the greenery nearby. Not to be outdone, lilies and orchids accent the brighter tones using passionate flashes of their own all the while keeping things calm with plush white...
£60 £60
The beauty of this hand-crafted bouquet is truly in its monotone coloring. All of the roses, waxflower, daisies and stargazer lilies are in shades of white, which creates a tranquil and calming effect. Gift this to bring joy, remember a special person or send peace and wishes in a time...
£40 £40
Red roses and purple waxflower always make a beautiful combination, but the look of this bouquet is seriously elevated with the addition of several exotic stargazer lilies. Bound to impress even those with the most refined tastes, this floral array in red and purple is a show-stopping centerpiece. Measures 13"H...
£70 £70
No two colors symbolize passion and true love better than red and white, which is why this arrangement is a powerful way to show the depth of your romantic feelings. The contrast between blossoming red roses and pure white lilies is striking, and the display is designed to spark instant...
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