Tulip Bouquets

Tulip delivery: Nothing quite says spring like fresh Tulip Bouquets! Tulip arrangements are the perfect flowers to brighten someone special's day. Whether the tulips are yellow, purple, or pink these fresh floral blooms will surely make someone smile! Our tulips are the freshest of all blooms and handled by our expert florist. 

Some flowers carry universal gravitas; tulip bouquets are chief among these because of their multicultural history and widespread appeal. Even better, huge variations in cultivars make it easy to choose a gift color (such as red tulips) that really speaks to a recipient in a personal way. Here are some essential facts about picking and sending tulips.


Following Tulips through History. From their 10th-century, Persian-mountain origins, these flowers spread throughout Europe, Asia, and eventually to the rest of the world. Their hardiness let them adapt to a number of climates as well as diversify.

Because tulips took so well to year-round growing in greenhouses and otherwise adverse conditions, they grew to be associated with strong, lasting emotions like love. As they traveled, they also picked up a whole host of regional symbolism and split into the 15 or so major divisions recognized by horticulturists today.

Although white, yellow and red tulip bouquets are familiar because of their association with Dutch imagery, they're but a few among many options. For instance, orange tulip bouquets and multicolor blossoms are less common, but they're great for spicing up traditional gifts and arrangements with a modern touch.

Pairing Tulips with Other Flowers.  It's estimated that there are more than 3,000 different types of tulips, and that's not counting those yet to be discovered in the wild. Their ability to grow in so many areas and weather the seasons makes them the perfect complements to a range of other blossoms, like calla lilies, irises and roses. One popular combination is the hydrangea and tulip bouquet or tulips with calla lilies. The smooth profile presented by the tulip meshes especially well with wilder-looking flowers like hydrangeas.

Tulips, although notable for their versatility, are extremely popular as wedding decor. They also work well as Mother's Day flowers. Many arrangements of summer and spring floral blooms include tulips as centerpieces that bring a stately air to their surroundings.

Personalized Plant Delivery. Because so many different cultures associate these flowers with their own unique ideas, it's actually easier to make them one's own. Since they're not limited to a few symbolic occasions, those who send tulips may have more success communicating their unique message to their friends and loved ones. Learn more about sending flowers online by checking out our other blogs and bouquet selections.  

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